CMDC – Cast and machined trailer suspension components

TCM spent 6 years in the co-design, development, and production of cast and machined axle clamp and support assemblies for CMDC (Choctaw Manufacturing and Development Corp), as components for a newly developed high speed, rough terrain trailer, for use in theatre, contracted to the US Marine Corp and the US Army.

slide-ca-img-3586CMDC was awarded a 10 year contract to supply these trailers after a four year rigorous development and testing period.  TCM manufacturers the trailer suspension components for each trailer consisting of 2 each axle clamp sets (upper and lower), and 8 each wing supports.  These components are shipped in full trailer lots monthly to McAllister, OK to the CMDC assembly plant.  Orders to date to TMS have totaled over $10,000,000.

TMS invested over $1,000,000 in equipment (a 1000mm horizontal mill, custom fixturing, programming, and patterns, flasks, and equipment for the foundry).  All components are 8320 steel sand castings produced and heat treated in our foundry, including permanent material certifications, physical tests, and magnetic particle inspection.  All components are machined on a 1000mm horizontal (axle clamp sets), and a 630mm horizontal (wing supports).  Due to the complex machining requirements (internal milled and tapped holes), the axle clamps have to be removed from the machine center mid process, welded in one area, then re-installed and the bores finished machined.  The upper axle clamp also requires the weld installation of an astrolloy bushing after machining.