Baker Hughes Power Frames

For over a decade, TCM has been producing Power Frame Pump Housings for Baker Hughes, in Midland, TX.  This is a classic example of TCM’s unique ability to leverage it’s vertical integration, and produce a complex, single source product.

slide-rb-img-0133Our Power Frame is the integral assembly for their heavy duty, downhole pressure cementing trucks. The process begins with casting in no bake sand, one frame, two center bearing caps, two outer bearing caps, and two pinion housings, a total of 7 castings per assembly. Material specification is Baker Hughes ASTM 125-110 Steel. Y blocks are also poured for Tensile Tests and Charpy Impact Tests. After pouring, castings are cleaned and inspected, then heat treated and oil quenched to prevent cracking and distortion.

Thereafter, we perform a complex pre-machining operation on the housings, and cast steel bearing caps.  This is followed by a fabrication process wherein a frame and shield is built and mechanically attached to the pump housing. Thereafter, the assembly is again stress relieved.  Finally, the housing undergoes a finish machining operation

The final step is the visual dimensional inspection, and dye penetrant testing,  especially focusing on the area where hood and pinion housings are attached. Complete power frame assembly is then crated and the appropriate test reports (such as tensile test and charpy impact tests ) are completed and shipped with the power frame to Baker Hughes. Crates are marked in such fashion that bar coding and identification is readily visible.