Alabama Power Company – Stop Logs and Stop Gates

Beginning in September 2009, TCM became the contractor of choice for AL Power Co (Southern Company Services), to build new replacement Stop Logs and Stop Gates for their hydro facilities.  To date, we have built one Stop Log for the Bouldin Dam Hydro Plant on the Coosa River, and two identical Stop Gates for Logan Martin Dam Hydro Plant on the Coosa River.  The Logan Martin Dam has 19 additional Stop Gates that we will replace as quickly as their budgets allow so.

The Stop Logs and the Stop Gates are similar in size and construction detail, excepting that the two Stop Gates for the Logan Martin Hydro Plant included a series of 36 ea cast steel and machined guide wheels mounted in hub assemblies with bushings.  We also generated an expedited turnaround on the wheel pattern production and castings through our own steel foundry to meet delivery requirements, and initiative that no other bidders could accomplish!

apc-stop-gateEach project spanned an approximate 90 day time period, and involved all aspects of our capabilities including engineering to draw/modify the 40 year old original drawings, qualification of our welding procedures and personnel to the AWS D1.1 standard, material, weld, and paint certifications.  We worked very closely with AL Power Project Managers and Engineers to insure that all welds, non-destructive magnetic particle tests, abrasion, blasting, and paint mil finish tests were achieved.  The project specified a Carboline Bitumastic Coal Tar Epoxy at a 16 mil finish over 100% of the surface.

Each system consisted of three separate components fabricated out of 36” I-beam.  Fabrication tolerances were held to within 1/16” of an inch over the span of the 26’ wide by 41’ tall individual components.  The assembled Stop log and Stop gates each weighed in excess of 71,000 lbs.

Contract order amount ranged between $279,000 and $320,000 each, including the engineering, manufacturing, and on-site installation assistance.