TCM Completes Naval Facilities Engineering (NAVFAC) Contract

TCM recently completed Naval Facilities Engineering (NAVFAC) Contract N00025-11-C0001 to overhaul, machine, and repair INLS  side connectors, carts, and containers, which included multiple ship-sets (20 side connectors, two carts, and three containers, per shipset) over 3 years.

The US Navy has 6 ship-sets of INLS connector sets deployed worldwide.  The connectors mate with female pockets located on the side of the Connector Modules (CM’s) when engaged.  The CM assembly consists of 9 ea floating CM’s, each with a deck capacity of 100 tons.  Therefore, the CM assembly capacity is 900 tons.

As recorded in CPARS (The DOD Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System) , the following review and rating was recorded by Jeffrey Palmer, Amphibious Equipment Specialist, NAVFAC NEPO-SEALIFT, Washington, DC:

The contract’s requirement was difficult: overhaul and repair systems that lack commercial comparison, and with which only the original equipment manufacturer had experience.  NAVFAC provided a technical package to support the SOW, but this added the additional burden of interpreting technical packages and organizing efforts around their instructions. Despite this challenging requirement, the Contractor delivered all units on schedule and without a cost/ price adjustment.

At all times, the Contractor was responsive and cooperated with Government-driven changes  The company has a team dedicated to this project and it is evident from the quality of the workmen to this set that they take pride in their work. They have been able to supply their team with the necessary tools and motivation to produce an excellent product.

They continue to supply an outstanding (quality) product, and stay on schedule as long lead time parts are put on contract on time.  They provide excellent customer support, and even went the extra effort unload a complete shipset from one type container to another type container well in time for delivery.

I’ve worked with TMS throughout the life of this project.  They have always been pleasant to work with and taken any constructive criticism to heart.  They have improved their entire receipt inspection process thus reducing time need to do the inspection.  In addition, they have taken full advantage of the Learning Curve effect by keeping the same dedicated team on this project.  Quality has always been good, but there is still remarkable improvement if  you were to compare the time to do the first set to the last set.  It is evident that they value my time as much as their own.

Given the contractor’s ability to execute what they promised in their proposal, I definitely would award to them today.

Thanks for the endorsement Mr. Palmer and we strive to earn the same feedback from all of our customers.