TCM Purchases New Heavy Duty Koike Mastergraph Plate Burning System

TCM has completed the purchase agreement for a Koike Aronson Mastergraph EX II Heavy Duty 3100 Plate Burning System.

“The Koike system will replace our existing 12′ x 60′ Plate Burning  Table with Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Torches.  We are upgrading this core system in our fabrication facility, with the newest technology and capabilities”, says Brad Snyder, CEO.  “The Koike Table includes a 400 amp Hypertherm Plasma Torch, with Bevel Head Cutting Capacity, to replace our existing 200 amp Plasma capability.”

Features of the Koike Mastergraph include:

  • Rack & Pinion Cross Axis Master Carriage Drive
  • 37 kg (81 lb/ft) Machined Rail
  • Heavy Duty Bevel Cutting Head
  • Hypertherm HPR 400 XD, 400 Amp Plasma
  • 4 ea Oxy-Fuel Torches
  • Fume Extraction System
  • Clean Sweep Table

Koike Engineers are finalizing installation drawings now for the TCM facility.  Equipment is scheduled for delivery late in the 3rd quarter.

This will be the 1st, Koike Heavy Duty Mastergraph 3100, installed in the Southeastern United States.